10 Things Authentic Leaders Do

In business, there are people that try to portray themselves as leaders and there are people that focus on leading. A leader should be recognised by their actions, not by any act of self-promotion that sees them viewed as a leader. If you are looking to find an authentic leader, the following ten things are something an authentic leader would do.

1. Be Courageous

A true leader will have to make a lot of decisions and not all of them will be popular. An authentic leader must show the courage to make the right decision for their team to progress. This means devising a plan and being bold enough to follow through with it even though there may be resistance.

2. Be Of Good Fibre

The character of a person is often a huge element in their leadership skills. If people can look up to you and see you as a genuine person who won’t let them down morally, they will be happy to follow you. This is why an authentic leader sets the right example and carries themselves well.

3. Build A Team And A Sense Of Community

People like to belong and this is where a leader needs to make people feel as though they are part of a community. Building a team and instilling a team spirit where everyone prospers thanks to the greater good is definitely something that an authentic leader aims for.

4. Commit To Creating Excellence

An authentic leader will understand the difference between perfection and excellence. This means a good leader will know when to be satisfied with what work has been completed and what standards the team should be looking for. A good leader will know where to stop rather than continually reaching for an unobtainable level of perfection.

5. Dare To Dream

However, an authentic leader will be ambitious and will look to achieve lofty ambitions in their work. A good leader will always look to create more and go one step further in what they do. Being ambitious and daring to dream, while understanding what limitations are imposed will be of tremendous value to a leader.

6. Go Deeper In Their Work And Actions

A leader often needs to lead by example. This means that they have to show themselves willing to work harder and longer than their team. A good leader will continually challenge themselves and ask themselves to go deeper in their work to get great results and to inspire others around them.

7. Lead From The Heart

Over time, you can tell leaders who genuinely believe in what they are doing and in the message that they offer. A good leader will be able to convey their opinions and thoughts strongly, because this will be something that they believe in themselves. A good leader will lead from the heart, which means that they will be more convincing in their thoughts and actions.

8. Leave A Legacy Behind Them

A good leader will be keen to make their mark and to create standards. This is where they can leave a legacy in setting people goals, standards or ambitions to aspire to. A good leader will look behind them for inspiration but to also learn what has been achieved. This is where an authentic leader will look to move further.

9. Speak the Truth

Being honest is important when working with a team. A leader that lies or bluffs with a team may find success in the short term but in the long term, colleagues and team members will be wary of what a leader promises. This is why being truthful is always likely to deliver the best possible results.

10. Take Care Of Themselves

A good leader knows that they have to work long and hard but they also know that they have to be an inspiration. All of these aspects mean that an authentic leader will look after themselves. Being fit and healthy provides benefits in making clear and thought-out decisions but it will also help a leader to inspire and influence others.

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