At Vital Minds our team never tire of learning. By attending conferences and meeting other industry experts we constantly endeavour to enrich our knowledge to help support our programme. So we are extremely proud to be official practitioners of the Prism Brain Mapping tool, a more recent addition to our service.

Prism Brain Mapping is an online tool. Incorporating the latest advancements in neuroscience it maps brain function. For those readers whose medical knowledge is gained from watching ten seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, neuroscience is a relatively new field of medicine (around twenty years old) that explains human behaviour through monitoring the connections between nerve cells in our brain.


PRISM Mind Mapping

Using these advancements PRISM is able to offer a nuanced perspective on our thoughts and responses. Boasting an incredibly powerful questionnaire, PRISM provides a detailed personality profile that describes an individual’s capacity for analysis, expression, stability and drive using an intricate grid spanning eight core traits: (innovation, initiation, support, coordination, focusing, delivering, finishing and evaluation.) It then uses precise vocabulary to describe strengths and weaknesses.

This profile offers a unique insight into an individual’s personality type and their optimum working style. Our team were impressed by PRISM because it does not attempt to categorise individuals. No-one is put in a box or given a rigid personality type. Rather PRISM appreciates the elastic nature of the brain and offers a far more dynamic approach. It recognises that each and every person responds in an utterly unique fashion and by using this tool we can identify how our client’s emotions affect their actions.

PRISM Mind Mapping

Using the results our team can create a targeted programme that helps our clients fulfil their potential and understand precisely their best working methods. Giving us the power to know why and how an individual responds in a certain way, we can then help them adapt their working process to their personality type. This can also help management assign the right tasks to the most appropriate employee.

And we have seen wonderful results. We recently had an interesting case with a phenomenally talented CFO. PRISM showed us his strengths: interpersonal relationships, creativity and innovation and weaknesses: attention to detail and ability to deliver material on time. Essentially he was a fantastic asset to his team, well-liked with a valuable insight into the bigger picture, but he struggled with the details that were so important to his role. Once we had identified these we were able to build a robust framework in which to begin his coaching.

Not only that, but we are often brought on board to help resolve internal conflicts. Left unresolved these can severely affect productivity and create an unpleasant working experience. Often the programs we create are built around the quantifiable results provided by PRISM, allowing us to understand what could cause conflict and how to proactively prevent it. PRISM provides a deeper insight into personality types and means our coaching is rooted in science.

If you have any questions about PRISM or feel it could be of benefit to your team please call one of our friendly coaches on 07931 325 642.


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