As you’ll know by now, we like to start our articles with a story…

A very close friend was a teacher (now a headteacher) and one of his responsibilities every few weeks was morning gate detail, seeing the kids in through the school gates and monitoring latecomers.

For four of the five days of the particular week he was on duty, the same young lad (let’s call him Jack) was late, only by a few minutes each time but it was consistent. The pertinent fact of this story was that the boy’s house was (and presumably still is) 11 doors away from the school gate. A walk duration of approximately 40 seconds. A minute if he took it slow.

On day five, teacher took it upon himself to initiate conversation with the lad and this is how it went (verbatim):

Teacher: Jack, how come you’re late every day when you live the closest of all 1,200 students who come here every day?

Jack: Sir, time waits for no man.

Teacher: ….

And with that, teacher moved out of the way and let the boy into school. Such a profound, slightly cheeky answer from a 12 year old warranted no further action.

But young Jack raised a perfectly good point, and one that we can all heed as we move through our lives.

Time, As It Turns Out, Waits For No Man

Or woman, or however you identify.

The average life expectancy of the average male in the UK is a shade over 79 years and for females, it’s a shade under 83 years*. On average, each of us has a life expectancy of 81 years.

*Source: Office of National Statistics

Broadly speaking, each of us can expect the following:

  • 972 months
  • 3,888 weeks
  • 27,216 days
  • 653,184 hours
  • 39,191,040 minutes
  • 2,351,462,400 seconds

Or thereabouts.

There are plenty of metaphors.

Time is like a train. If you miss it, it’s gone and you can never get the same one again.

Time is like money. It’s always present in our lives (more for some than others) but once you’ve spent it, you can’t get it back.

And so on.

The point is that the clock is ticking. You can’t add time, nor can you delete it. It’s an undefeatable enemy and is constantly moving forward. The real question is, are you?

If with absolute honesty you can say that there’s nothing you want to change about your life, then there’s no need to read any further. But if you’re not completely, 100% satisfied with your life and there are elements you want to change, read on…

What’s The Issue?

First, let’s look at what you’d like to change (and for how long you’ve felt like this). What’s holding you back? Bothering yourself with trivial distractions? Disconnected environment or shallow, transient relationships? Unhappy at work? Got an idea but with no real avenue for manifestation?

Have you, like many others, tried to convince yourself that you’re not the person you’re trying to escape? What has taken years to carefully hide from the world has taken you a moment to unwrap and you’re now at the cliff edge. It’s time to jump.

But, as you teeter over the edge of the metaphorical cliff, it’s petrifying. You’re scared of what may happen if you take the plunge. Will everything change? Is your life going to fall apart? Is it easier to live with disharmony and disappointment than to see what might be round the corner?

Just remember that this is your journey and no two journeys through life are the same. It’s pointless trying to compare your journey to that of anyone else, so where do you want to go and more importantly, how will you get there?

It’s very tempting to move away from the cliff edge. It’s easier, less demanding and more convenient but the truth is, what are you really going back to? There’s nothing there of any real substance and it would be more painful for you to retreat than to venture into the unknown.

What have you got to lose?

Open Your Eyes

Once you’ve committed to jumping, the blinkers will come off. You’ll see the world in a refreshing new light.

Opportunities will present themselves – ones that have been within your grasp all the time but ones you’re conscious mind didn’t pay attention to. To use a rather tired cliché, you will reinvent yourself.

Remember – nothing is impossible but to achieve all you want to achieve, you need to develop a sense of urgency. Step up to a new level. Work hard and dedicate your time to what you really want. The only person stopping you from doing so is you.

By opening your eyes – properly opening your eyes – your life will never be the same again. Right now that may be a scary prospect but this is what you can expect if you jump…

Boundless Energy You’ll discover a new spring, full of infinite energy and your internal resolve will go on the offensive, not remain permanently defensive.

Learn, Grow & Understand You will want to discover more, learn more and fully understand more rather than just relying on what you already know.

Application You will constantly apply new information to develop your progress in whatever you decide you want to undertake.

Previous Fears Were Unfounded It might take time to realise but you will come to understand that fear is all part of the development process.

Stop Worrying, Start Anticipating It’s time to look forward to what may be ahead without worrying about whether you have what it takes to achieve it. Hint: You absolutely do.

You Will Meet Your Needs Whatever they may be, you will equip yourself with the tools to do whatever you put your mind to.

Others Can Help No-one can do everything themselves. Embrace those around you, learn from them, talk to them and the teachers will help you, whomsoever they are.

Doubt Is Normal We all have bouts of doubt, questioning whether we were right to jump but if you put the effort in, your doubts will soon turn to positive thoughts about the future.

Progress Will Be Faster This is because you now have a burning desire to succeed along with an understanding that time waits for no-one.

Nothing Is Impossible We put a man on the moon when everyone said it couldn’t be done. Be open to the fact that whatever you want to do, however hard it seems, can be done.

You’ll Have A Wider View By radically changing one area of your life, other areas will grow. Every small victory creates a tidal surge of momentum. Keep it going.

Fear Of Failing Disappears You will remove attachment to perceived failure because you now have the ability and confidence to reach for the stars.

Haters Will Hate For an inexplicable reason some people look disapprovingly at those who succeed. They are intimidated, weak and scared and you’re not. Leave them to it.

You Will Right Wrongs By embracing a new reality you don’t want to carry unnecessary baggage. Apologise, seek forgiveness and move on unhindered.

You Will Be More Authentic You will stop caring what other people think of you, making it much easier to be the real you, not a caricature or fake version.

You Will Have More Time By removing negative and unwanted elements from your life, you will have more time to focus on your real priorities.

As young Jack said at the start, time really does wait for no man so what are you waiting for? An invitation?

No-one is going to drag you kicking and screaming into a new, exciting, rich and varied life. You’ve got to want to do it. There will be plenty of people along the way who will love to help you get to where you want to be but wherever that is, you have to want to do it.

You have to REALLY want to do it…

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