Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching In London and Internationally

There are many facets to successful coaching but the essence of coaching at Vital Minds Business Training is to inspire people to affect positive change in their lives, to work towards achieving their goals and to unlock hidden potential to maximise performance.

We offer two forms of coaching – individual coaching and group coaching. Both are delivered by qualified business coaches with extensive experience of working in the corporate world as well as in a facilitator role.

We use a variety of elements from our service offering including NLP and MBTI™ and the coaching is intuitive based on developing trust with all those we work with, answering the fundamental question – ‘what do you want to get better at?’

Individual Executive Coaching

Each one-to-one coaching session is designed bespoke dependent on the client’s wishes but incorporates elements of the following –

  • Aligning individual and organisational values
  • Increasing individual skill-sets
  • Striking a balance between work and home life
  • Delegation and management skills
  • Understanding organisational (or ‘office’) politics
  • Developing emotional intelligence and leadership skills
  • Recognising and stopping ‘executive burn out’

Executive Group Coaching

The workshops for senior managers are delivered to clients based on their specific organisational needs but again, incorporate elements of the following –

  • Maximising the contribution of each member of the team
  • Developing and enhancing team skills
  • Improving inter-team relationships and relationships with the rest of the company
  • Understanding organisational (or ‘office’) politics
  • Striking a balance between individual ambition and team co-operation
  • Developing emotional intelligence and leadership skills

In both forms of coaching, we look to explore the present and look at the future with clarity and the ability to change limiting beliefs which are usually the root cause of not achieving your goals.

For more information on our Executive Coaching workshops and to discuss availability and booking, please contact us today.