Hogan Suite

Advancement in the workplace is no longer governed by simply filling positions based on experience.

Over the last 25 years, the Hogan™ suite of psychometrics has been developed on the basis of performance-related validity research, identifying the different facets of an individual’s personality that separates ‘the best from the rest.’ It takes assessments of potential candidates from a description of their skills to accurately predicting how they will perform in given situations.

Dr. Robert Hogan, an American psychologist known for his innovations in personality testing, developed these psychometric tests and he has been widely credited with demonstrating how personality factors influence organisational effectiveness, ranging from leadership, selection and effective team performance.

At Vital Minds Business Training, we conduct tests on an individual basis as part of coaching sessions (on occasion we have conducted the tests for a whole team) and they are facilitated by certified Hogan™ practitioners who focus on all elements of the Hogan™ suite of psychometrics –

  • Hogan™ Personality Inventory –identifying the people most likely to be effective in a particular role as well as individual roles in which people are likely to be most effective
  • Hogan™ Development Survey –designed to measure dispositions that can impede occupational advancement
  • Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory –assesses a person’s motives and values, identifying what someone wants to do in particular situations rather than what a person may do
  • Hogan™ Business Reasoning Inventory – evaluating a person’s ability to solve problems and make decisions using textual, graphic and quantitative data and a measure of cognitive reasoning ability designed to predict real-world performance

The responses are assessed either in-house or as part of an ‘away day’ with the team which allows for an in-depth look at what the results mean for the individual and the business moving forward.

All four Hogan™ assessments offer business leaders strong insights into performance, suitability, retention and leadership effectiveness and are used to reduce attrition rates, for recruitment, for developing skill-sets and to evaluate an employee’s potential for leadership.

Most importantly, when these theories are put into practice, they will increase productivity and profitability across all aspects of your business.

For more information on the Hogan™ suite of psychometric tests and to discuss availability and booking, please contact us today.

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