Motivational & Public Speaking

As we mentioned on the Presentation & Advanced Presentation Skills page, the fear of public speaking affects around two-thirds of the population. It is the cause of sleepless nights and anxiety but it needn’t be.

At Vital Minds Business Training, our Motivational Speaking workshops will give you the tools and techniques you need to overcome your fears and to deliver your messages clearly, succinctly and with confidence.

It’s worth nothing here that when we refer to Motivational Speaking, we aren’t simply talking about standing up in front of a room full of people and delivering a speech, we also focus on managers and business leaders being able to talk to individuals and small groups, motivating staff and understanding the needs and requirements of each particular audience, be it one person or a thousand.

Our Motivational Speaking workshop focuses on the following elements –

  • Facing your fears of speaking in public head-on
  • Understanding the characteristics of effective communication
  • Structuring and rehearsing your speech or presentation
  • The principles of communication, persuasion and motivation
  • The use of visual aids and multimedia
  • Controlling your voice and understanding your own individual style
  • Building self-confidence and personality
  • The use of non-verbal communication techniques
  • Responding to questions from your audience

The advantages of learning and understanding how to motivate individuals, teams and entire organisations cannot be underestimated. A motivated workforce is more engaged, more enthusiastic and more prepared to work hard to reap the benefits and if you, the motivator, can be clear and concise about individual and collective goals, productivity, morale and the working environment will improve.

For more information on our Motivational Speaking workshops and to discuss availability and booking, please contact us today.

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