Presentation & Advanced Presentation Skills

Strong communication skills are essential for today’s business professionals, whether you are talking to five people during a video-conference, pitching to a new client or standing up in front of 500 at your corporate AGM.

The fear of public speaking affects around two-thirds of the population and the most oft-quoted catalyst was being made to stand up in primary school to read in front of the class. At Vital Minds Business Training our presentation skills workshop will give you the tools you need to present effectively and with impact to groups of all sizes and hierarchies.

There are a number of reasons why it’s important to have first-class presentation and communication skills – talking persuasively to board members, coaching your staff, pitching to potential new clients – and the key elements of our course include –

  • Managing your psychological state and getting you in the right frame of mind
  • Presentation delivery styles
  • Increasing your ‘stage presence’ and charisma
  • Body language techniques
  • Preparing an effective message and tailoring it to a specific audience
  • When to make use of multimedia
  • Dealing with nerves
  • Giving your audience a positive emotional experience

In addition, we make use of the 4MAT System which explains learning in terms of the variety of ways people perceive and process information.

Essentially, it puts people into four categories – ‘why’ people, ‘what’ people, ‘how’ people and ‘so what’ people. By understanding how these four categories of people respond to information, it gives you the power to communicate and capture the whole of your audience rather than small pockets of people who respond as you might.

  • WHY people need a reason to learn and participate – ‘why can I use this information?’
  • WHAT people consider the technical information – ‘what are the facts?’
  • HOW people test theories and seek usability – ‘how does this work?’
  • SO WHAT people learn by trial and error – ‘where and how can I apply this information?’

In the same way that websites work, you have an incredibly small window of opportunity to make a lasting impact (often as little as 5-10 seconds) so it’s vitally important that you engage your audience from the very second you start talking.

For more information on our Presentation Skills workshops and to discuss availability and booking, please contact us today.

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