Advanced Relationship Management

Advanced Relationship Management-vital-minds-buisness-training
One of the most important elements of continued business success is the ability to develop, nurture and manage professional relationships with all relevant stakeholders – staff, managers, clients, suppliers and shareholders.

At Vital Minds Business Training our Advanced Relationship Management workshops focus on the awareness and skills that employees at all levels of business hierarchy can use to retain and manage professional relationships with stakeholders in a more effective and coherent way.

The workshop introduces aspects of NLP (focusing on communication skills) and psychometric testing (MBTI™ and Hogan™) and includes –

  • Using advanced relationship management techniques to grow your business
  • Learning how to maximise the opportunity of communication (phone, email, meetings)
  • Understanding the purpose of maintaining robust relationships in an increasingly global economy
  • Ensuring you and your employees understand the nuance of different cultures
  • How to resolve conflict, disagreements and perceived misunderstandings

It’s important to note that this workshop isn’t formal conflict resolution or mediation. It’s designed to give you the skills you need to be able to facilitate a clear process by which internal and external relationships can be managed.

Relationships that don’t work can jeopardise and often block advancement, sabotage potential change and at worst, they can contribute to the downfall of a business, especially small businesses and SMEs. Relationships that do work enable high performance and can drive your business forward with everyone striving for the same positive outcomes and goals.

For more information on our Advanced Relationship Management workshops and to discuss availability and booking, please contact us today.

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