Change Management

Managing organisational change effectively is less about the physical or tangible elements of transition – policies, procedures and working practices – and more about the emotional elements of transition – the feelings, concerns and anxieties of your employees that lead to mistrust, fear and rumour – and successful change management must incorporate both.

Change management can, and often does, impact on people’s professional and personal lives and as a business owner, it’s not enough to simply tell your staff what’s happening and hope they get on board. Forcing change on people creates unwanted, negative issues.

Seamless change management incorporates thoughtful planning and sensitive implementation and perhaps most importantly consultation with and the involvement of the very people who are going to be most affected.

At Vital Minds Business Training our Change Management workshops identifies and overcomes the biggest stumbling blocks your business faces when attempting to effect organisational change –

  • Identifying and placating the negative feelings your staff may have
  • Inspiring people to accept change by making the objectives real and relevant
  • Building your change team with the right blend of skills and emotional attachment
  • Focussing on the emotional and creative aspects necessary to drive service and efficiency
  • Ensuring communication is simple, honest and often and responds to people’s needs
  • Removing unnecessary obstacles to progress and enable constructive feedback from all stakeholders
  • Setting easy-to-reach aims and finishing each stage before committing to the next
  • Reinforcing the value of successful change and making it a part of your corporate culture

Change, in whatever form it takes, is woven into the fabric of our lives and in the financially turbulent times we find ourselves in, any mention in the office that change is afoot can create panic and will certainly affect productivity and profitability.

Our workshop removes negative feelings and replaces them with positivity.

For more information on our Change Management workshops and to discuss availability and booking, please contact us today.

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