Conflict Resolution

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The resolution of conflict in the workplace has gone way beyond getting the two parties together and chatting over their differences. In the financially uncertain times we live in, employees who are struggling to hold onto their jobs are focussing on personal agendas and this is where conflict will naturally arise.

Where conflict occurs, we are presented with options as to how we handle it. The most famous model for conflict resolution was devised by two psychologists and is known as the Thomas-Killman Model and it recognises five ways of dealing with conflict –

  • Competing – One party takes a wholly assertive and uncooperative approach
  • Accommodating – One party takes a wholly unassertive and cooperative approach
  • Avoiding – Sidestepping or withdrawing from the issue
  • Compromising – Both assertive and cooperative to some extent
  • Collaborating – The belief that with two parties in dispute, the possibility for both sides to get what they want

In addition to utilising the Thomas-Killman Model, our courses are highly participative and use NLP to understand –

  • The root causes of conflict
  • Our reactions to conflict and why we react like we do
  • Our default positions and those of others
  • How conflict can escalate and what we can do to stop the escalation
  • The core skills and processes required to manage conflict effectively
  • How to deal with challenging behaviour and situations at work

As we’ve mentioned, conflict at work is commonplace and in the vast majority of cases, the conflict resolution policy and process in most businesses isn’t anywhere near as robust or coherent as it should be.

Disputes, in whatever form they may take, generally always lead to fallouts, disharmony and distractions and from a business standpoint, it negatively affects productivity and profitability. The financial costs coupled with the emotional costs can have a catastrophic effect on the future of your business.

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