Group Mediation

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At one stage or another, every business experiences conflicts and while the net results can often be a catalyst for change, disputes, especially between two groups of people can be detrimental to the future of a business in terms of the financial cost, the loss of productivity and the breakdown of relationships.

Please read the Individual Mediation page of this website for an understanding of mediation, the aim of mediation and the types of disputes most commonly found at work.

At Vital Minds Business Training, our highly trained mediators and facilitators offer –

  • Fast and cost-effective solutions to all types of group dispute
  • A safe and confidential forum to articulate the issues
  • A way to communicate constructively and improve future relationships
  • Protection of privacy for all parties
  • An efficient way to avoid costly litigation, grievance procedures and unfair dismissal claims
  • Control to the parties to determine a mutually satisfactory outcome

The difference between individual mediation and group mediation is how our mediators and facilitators discuss and approach the management of expectations moving forward. If all parties can keep their expectations in check, it can greatly assist the chances of finding a successful resolution to the conflict.

There are crossovers in Group Mediation with our Team Building and Away Days workshops in that we take a holistic look at where you are going as a business, what you want to achieve and what all parties need to collectively and individually do to get there.

For more information on Group Mediation, please contact us today.

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