Interviewing Skills

Whether you are a Line Manager, Department Head, HR Manager or MD, very few people have had any sort of formal training in the art of interviewing candidates and a recent report suggested that over 40% of new hires are made solely on the basis of appearance.

At Vital Minds Business Training, we understand the adage that staff make a business but there are different types of interview for different types of role and the interviewer needs to gather the right information and to ask the right questions that will elicit the answers they need to make an informed decision.

The ability to hire the right people that fit seamlessly into your business as well as your corporate culture is an art form and there are very few managers or executives who can tell the difference between a first-class candidate and an ‘eloquent incompetent.’

Our practical, benefit-led workshop will give you the skills and competencies to conduct successful interviews with all types of potential employees, from entry-level staff and graduates through to executives and board-level appointments.

  • Understand the different stages of the interview process
  • How to attract the right candidates
  • CV analysis
  • Opening and closing the interview
  • Being adaptable and flexible in light of the answers given
  • What you are legally allowed and not allowed to ask
  • Role-playing scenarios
  • Asking open and closed questions
  • Identifying skill-sets and experience
  • Post-interview assessment

We can work in-house or externally with groups and individuals and we work across all industry sectors.

For more information about our Interviewing Skills workshops and to discuss availability and booking, please contact us today.

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