Teaching Coaching Skills

In any working environment, having the encouragement and support of co-workers and managers is an invaluable asset, whether the employee is new to the business, they want to achieve a specific goal or they are looking to acquire new skill-sets.

While business leaders and those in senior positions have been identified and employed as such, there is a pipeline of future leaders who rely on you to –

  • Give them the skills they need for career advancement
  • Allow them to take responsibility for their actions and decisions
  • Create a positive energy
  • Discover (or uncover) unexplored or hidden talents and potential
  • Build on their current abilities and skills
  • Help them get over their personal barriers to success
  • Ask the right questions to elicit the right answers from peers and customers alike

At Vital Minds Business Training, our Teaching Coaching Skills workshops work with groups of established managers who may not have formal training qualifications but what they do have is an in-depth understanding both of the successes of the business and the immediate and future challenges as well as the cultural ethos of the company.

We teach them the skills of coaching in order for them to return to their teams and use a coaching style of leadership that complements their existing styles to attain better results.

We employ a number of different structures, models and methodologies designed to give you the tools to impart coaching skills, advice and information that will help those you are coaching. Our facilitators are highly qualified and have experience based on empirical evidence (known as a posteriori knowledge); that is they have worked on both sides of the fence, both in corporate roles and in coaching and training roles.

For more information on our Teaching Coaching Skills workshops and to discuss availability and booking, please contact us today.

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