Team Building & Away Days


Team building and away days used to be a fantastic excuse for individual departments or entire companies to get together away from the office and let their hair down as a thank you and to build (or reinforce) trust and relationships.

At Vital Minds Business Training, we believe that time spent promoting group trust, rapport and a collective vision is good business practice and we focus on a number of questions which we will seek to find answers to –

  • As a business and individually, where are we going?
  • As a business and individually, where do we want to be?
  • What do we need to do, collectively and individually, to get there?
  • Are your team members happy?
  • Do they come to work with a sense of purpose?
  • Do they add value to the team and to the business?

Together, we will –

  • Uncover the resources your team members use (utilising personality profiling) to achieve results
  • Set the vision and meaning for the team to work towards
  • Understand and break down inter-team or inter-departmental rivalry
  • Motivate and inspire your team to achieve their goals
  • Reduce conflict and increase understanding between teams or individuals

We use an interesting and innovative mix of a number of elements, including goal setting, MBTI™ and the Hogan™ suite of psychometrics and group mediation to take a holistic look at your team.

It allows you to gain valuable insights into how people interact with each other, understanding their personalities and how they react to certain situations and handle specific tasks, both individually and collectively, using new and existing skill-sets and thought processes.

It’s these skill-sets, thought processes and the renewed camaraderie that can be taken back to the office and put into practice which will lead to increased productivity, a more robust and coherent workforce as well as improvements to your bottom line.

For more information on our Team Building & Away Days and to discuss availability and booking, please contact us today.

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